Contemporary Artisan Jewellery Handcrafted in Suffolk

Wearable Art by Chele Martin

In jewellery making, technical rules are important but of equal import is the freedom from such constraints. My self-taught approach and experimentation has allowed me to push and learn the capabilities of materials, which in turn makes possible the creation of more informal and organic pieces. The Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, the acceptance of imperfection, is a space in which I find both contentment and excitement.

  • "Custom designed ring from my wedding ring. What a treat to be able to wear it once again! Fabulous, speedy and thoughtful service, thank you so much."

    Ann E

  • "Time to buy another great unique piece for the collection. Love your work!"

    Vikki H

  • "So grateful that my Mother’s ring which I would never wear, is now my favourite piece of jewellery. Thank you so much."

    Jane S

  • "I love the fact that I can now again wear the gold given to me by parents with a new life!"

    Kim M

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