Time for a change?

One of the fabulous and lasting properties of gold is the ability to remodel it. Clean it, chop it, melt it. Sounds brutal, but by doing this, old, broken or odd pieces need not be left abandoned at the back of the drawer. If a piece isn't to your current style, or was a purchase that you wish you hadn't made, we may be able to transform it. Emotionally heavy pieces, or those collected along your own life journey, can be cleansed with fire and reborn.

Up-cycled treasures

The remodelled ring shown here was created by transforming three gold rings and a pair of earrings into one knobbly, gnarly and totally unique piece. The client loves my heavier mixed metal pieces, so recycled silver was added to enable a more substantial ring.  This is my favourite kind of work.

"I had three beloved but rather worn out rings & some unworn earrings. I had no idea of a design so I gave Chele complete freedom. Chele has turned these pieces into something absolutely unique. She somehow weaves a special magic and so much feeling into her designs. I would describe my ring as a treasure chest of jewels spilling into the sea. The workmanship is simply first class. Take your little treasures along to Chele and you will be as happy as I am with the end result. Amazing!"
JM - Clare - Suffolk

Remodelled statement ring

This remodel was created by melting a selection of gold and silver rings and a bracelet.  The metal was then formed using traditional forging techniques into a single statement piece. The chosen stones for the new piece were set without claws, instead using bezel and flush setting. These give the piece a smoother wear and enable a decorative finish around the stones. The textured silver was oxidised, adding to the contrast of the metals. 

"Chele transformed an assortment of my outgrown jewellery into the perfect ring. A stunning mix of burnished and oxidised silver, two-tone gold, diamonds and a garnet centrepiece. Chele consulted me throughout the process and made alterations when the first fitting although beautiful, wasn't quite right for me. A beautiful ring, which I'll never tire of admiring."
Mrs A - Halstead - Essex

Showcasing your stone - large Lapis Lazuli bead

The client wanted a pendant to fit onto a lightweight torque necklace already in her possession. Gold accents from a previous commission piece for this client were incorporated. The starting point for inspiration was the large drilled lapis lazuli bead. As the sketch demonstrates the finished piece may evolve from the original idea. Total creative freedom was given. 

Future heirlooms - cuff bangles

The client had a generous selection of both personal and inherited pieces not being worn. The brief was to create two cuff bangles for the client to wear now and perhaps be passed forward to her two daughters. Some details from the client's heirloom rings were to be retained on the new designs. The insides of both cuffs are also detailed.

Thank you so much for all your hard work & extra time creating my wonderful cuffs. I truly appreciate everything you did to make something so special & unique.

J W - Linton - Cambridgeshire

Distance remodel and new ring

This stunning emerald ring remodel was created without meeting the client. The original cluster style ring had lost diamonds and had been repaired before. A completely new ring was created from recycled 18 carat yellow gold with white gold accents. A selection of silver prototypes were sent to the client to choose the best fit before the gold ring was hand fabricated in my studio. The client was so pleased with her new ring, that a second ring was also commissioned.  This second ring incorporated the original ring's remaining diamonds. A tanzanite birthstone was added for the client’s daughter and a little extra detail of an underset diamond finished off the piece.

Remodel - contemporary new ring

The brief was to create one statement ring from an assortment of the client's own and heirloom pieces. A new focal peridot was chosen as none of the old stones were suitable. The original opal was given a little light polish to reinvigorate its surface. Complete creative freedom was given.


Showcase your stone - Skydiamond - climate positive laboratory diamond

This fabulous and ecological diamond was brought to my attention by my client. The 0.6 carat beauty is set in a completely hand fabricated ring. The main body of the ring is recycled white gold and as the client liked my mixed metal pieces, we added a yellow gold setting and accents. The piece has been marked on the inside with the word Skydiamond for future provenance.

Living heirloom collection

Four new bracelets and five pebbles were to be created for relatives of varying ages and genders, to be given in the present. All were created from a mixture of gold and silver provided by the client. The pebbles were decided upon as the client liked to pick them up from various beaches.

Showcase your stone - Tanzanite purchased in Tanzania

This sparkly dichroic or two colour tanzanite was a gift from a son to his mother. The client wanted the stone to be a subtle part of a pendant rather than a flashing centre point - not her taste or style at all. The resulting piece is something the client says she will adore to wear.