A little about my path

Being a predominately self-taught jeweller, exploring and learning through play has allowed me to understand in my own way about the materials with which I work. This approach to jewellery creation makes it possible to make a more informal and organic look. Most of my works are one of a kind, with a few pieces carrying a similar theme. My learning continues every day and this helps to keep my inspirations fresh.

Evolution of style

My jewellery and works of mixed metal are often of a robust and slightly rustic style with statement pieces frequently including larger crystal gemstones or groups of stones. My jewellery is for everyone and most necklaces and some rings can be resized to fit a broader range of physiques. The Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, the appreciation and acceptance of imperfection, is an aspect of my artistic style that I am happy to acknowledge and wholly embrace. I adore nature, the sea, architecture, books, music, textiles, the creativity of the world around me. The past, the present, the future and all the fabulous creativity fellow artists put out into the world bring huge inspiration. Spotting something in my peripheral vision during a walk with the dog or a trip to the local town is likely to seed an idea. 

Crystals have long since been involving themselves in my life. I have often kept one about my person and have used crystals whilst giving treatments in the days when I was a professional Reflexologist and Reiki Healer.  Now being able to add them to my wearable art is a real joy for me. Gemstones, both precious and semiprecious, mixed metals, texture and patination are favourite features in many of my works. Found objects, picked up from beaches to carparks, may also find themselves alongside the more precious materials. Mixing it together is great fun. Responsibly sourced animal artefacts, those gathered up from naturally deceased carcasses are also materials that I keep in the studio for when the mood takes me. These bones and delft clay castings taken from them are what I refer to as ‘Wayside’ pieces. These found materials are also making their way into my other artistic works of collage and sculpture.

Reusing and responsible sourcing

In many areas of my life I have been an exponent of reusing and recycling. Being able to bring this ethos into my metal smithing allows me the pleasure of re-imagining sentimental, broken or unloved pieces. Using this process, a piece of history can perhaps be brought into the present and even taken into the future. Being given the trust of my clients to create these heirloom pieces is a true privilege.

Most of my work has been created using recycled and/or fairmined silver and gold.  I am currently in the process of replenishing my gemstones from traceable and ethically mined sources.

If you would like to discuss any items or ideas -  get in touch.