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Andesine Octopi

Andesine Octopi

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Rosecut Andesine, a form of feldspar or labradorite are gently cradled in sterling silver hand forged settings. You may be more familiar with the blue form of Labradorite, but I think this redish form is equally as beguiling.  The gemstones hang from hand wrapped ear wires and the back of the stone setting, which can be seen through these semi transparent stones are loosely formed in the shape of an octopus. They appear as if hiding in a red seaweed lined rock pool which is perhaps where the inspiration came from. I had a close encounter with an octopus in the shallows in Sardinia. It took a liking to my foot and wound itself around my toes. An intriguing experience. 
Hanging at approximately 4cms long these are lightweight and a bit of fun.
The whole of each earring has been lightly patinated and polished back in parts. 

One of a kind as always, these will be cleansed in my crystal singing bowl before dispatch. 

A note on hallmarking. 
Some smaller items weighted below the legal Assay Office Requirements may not bear full hallmarks. This helps to offer you a lower price. The quality and precious metals used are still the same.

A little about Andesine 

Andesine is similar to labradorite and the gemstone also has similar metaphysical capabilities. It's also believed andesine has abilities closely related to sunstone. Andesine is associated with the heart chakra and is used to dispel negativity while providing clarity to one's thoughts. According to metaphysical beliefs, andesine is also a grounding stone that can help ease stress. There are no zodiac signs tied to andesine.

NB - All information regarding the properties and uses of crystals given on this site are purely anecdotal.

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