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Galactica Earring - Rutile Star

Galactica Earring - Rutile Star

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Another design from the Galactica range, these earrings have a look of the extra terrestrial.  Did they fall from outer space, or are they the eyes of a mystical creature.
Reticulated sterling silver frames these partial rutile stars that have reflective hematite inclusions. The earrings gently sway from a few links of silver chain attached to the handmade ear wires. They are really lightweight and easy to wear hanging at approximately 4cm.

One of a kind and as always with crystal pieces, they will be cleansed in my crystal singing bowl before dispatch.  Gift boxed and dispatched by secure post. 

A little about Star Rutile

One of the best healing properties of star ritualised quartz is that it promotes the healing abilities of various other crystals used by the wearer. In other words, using star rutile quartz with other crystals is a great idea as it augments the healing process provided by other gemstones and crystals. Using this gemstone, you can keep stress away and achieve a relaxed state. 

Wearing the Star ritualised quartz is not only good for spiritual and mental health but also for physical health. The star rutile quartz works as an amazing option for people who face the trouble of insomnia or sleeplessness. Using this gemstone, one can achieve timely, relaxed, and better sleep. It is also a wonderful gemstone for those who are looking for solutions for their respiratory diseases. The stone is known to provide quick and significant solutions in case of asthma, bronchial problems, and other ailments related to respiration. It is also strongly believed that wearing the star ritualised quartz improves the health and condition of your teeth, nails, skin, and hair. 

One can also use the star rutile quartz for improving his or her power of intuition. Wearing this rutile quartz also helps forget the bitter memories of the past. 

NB - All information regarding the properties and uses of crystals given on this site are purely anecdotal.

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